If you’re still thinking about pre-ordering Far Cry Primal, Ubisoft might have a reason to do so. Today they revealed that everyone who preorders the game will have a chance to play as a Mammoth in a three mission DLC that will be available as a preorder bonus.


In a trailer that follows the announcement, you can see bits taken from Legends of the Mammoth DLC, where you get a chance to stomp, destroy and wreck everything and everyone that comes in your way. After drinking some potion the player “essence” is teleported into a mammoth and then the fun starts. If they make prehistoric relatives of elephants as strong as their descendants were in Far Cry 4, you’ll probably want to kill them, or your controller, in a rage episode after they stomp you a couple of times, but entering their shoes and crossing to the other side of the line could prove to be the perfect antidote.

For now, it is certain that Xbox One and PS4 owners will unlock DLC if they preorder the game. As for the PC gamers, there aren’t any information regarding the availability of this preorder bonus for PC platform. Far Cry Primal will arrive on February 23 on Xbox One and PS4 while PC version will be out on March 1st.


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