Probably 90s kids remember this, Power Rangers who shined bright in their fluorescent colored suits, had fancy disks and extraordinary martial arts which made them hop around messing with villains. Good news for us, the adult children of 90s have their favorite show come alive in the form of a movie, that’s right, the Power Rangers movie is scheduled to release on March 24, 2017, and already has its trailers and spoilers on loose on the mighty YouTube.

power rangers

For readers who are new to Power Rangers, let me explain, they are not clones of ninja turtles, they are a team of 5 superheroes who represent a significant color. Starting from Blue Ranger, it signifies bravery, Red Ranger signifies leadership, Yellow Ranger signifies unity, Pink Ranger signifies love, and Green Ranger signifies strength. So this mixed batch of 5 colored superheroes accidentally land themselves in trouble-turned-luck colored plates and take a big leap in their lives further burdening themselves with the task of saving the earth.

The released trailers bring alive the exact picture of mental images of Power Rangers into significant forms. The rangers are dressed fantastically and the cinematography seems amazing, of course, Hollywood movie but a hint of classic Megazord and Dinozord are not seen in the trailer. It seems that the makers are leaving few things to the excitement of the fans, and that’s clever marketing.

Only one trailer is out so far and the movie is not scheduled to be out until March 2017, we think our excitements might need some food and which is why we wait for a second trailer of the movie. Stay tuned with us and we shall share the updates soon.


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