One of the HTC Vive’s more attractive demos has been the one set in Aperture Science, the ginormous lab seen in the Portal games. Website Polygon has put together a complete playthrough of the VR experience after receiving the hardware and software over at their office.

Valve Aperture Science Demo

Ben Kuchera of Polygon notes that an earlier version of the demo allowed players to reach out their arms by pressing a button on the controller, but that the latest version of the demo features a teleportation mechanic instead. In the demo, Kuchera takes care to lean in to more carefully showcase the textures and items in the room.

The Vive’s famed chaperone system, which allows you to see walls on-screen when you’re close to a real-life wall, does not appear in the captured video.

Kuchera describes the demo as a “short story set in the world of Portal”, and described GLaDOS as feeling quite big. Check out the playthrough below.

Have you tried out the Aperture Science demo for the HTC Vive? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.


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