A lot of us are bathroom singers, aren’t we? And there are many of us who like listening to and singing along their favourite songs right inside the shower. However, not many speakers in the market offer great sound along with a waterproof body, and most of them are expensive. But what if we said that you can get an excellent waterproof Bluetooth speaker without hurting your budget?

An unnamed product on Amazon offers to do all that in a tight budget. It is labelled only as “Portable Wireless Hands-Free Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Detachable Suction Cup for Shower”. Even though it might be unbranded, the speaker has garnered great reviews. Packed in a beautiful sealed silicon case, the design is great and fluid and the speaker is dustproof and waterproof for shower uses. Just connect the speaker to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and take the speaker with you in the shower. You can then change track, adjust volume, or even take calls while showering!

Portable Wireless Hands-Free Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Detachable Suction Cup for Shower(

The 3W speaker gives loud audio output and gets a rechargeable battery that offers up 5 hours of playing time. The 400mAh battery charges up in 3 hours, and the Bluetooth 2.1 connection ranges up to 30 feet. The speaker itself measures 85*85*55mm and comes with a detachable suction cup to attach the speaker to a wall, tile, mirror, etc. And even though the waterproof speaker does not carry a brand name, it offers 1-year warranty.

All in all, it’s an excellent choice. According to Amazon listing, the speaker actually costs $85.99, but it is currently selling only for $15.99, which is a great deal. So don’t miss this opportunity and grab this bathroom speaker at Amazon.


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