Pornhub is in the habit of researching traffic patterns of its users, and the porn site releases those findings that tell us some really interesting statistics about porn consumption. On Friday, Pornhub released another report that talks about video game searches, one of them being the very popular Minecraft.


The new Pornhub blog post titled “Digging Deep” states that the rate of people searching for Minecraft on Pornhub has increased by 326% since January 2014. The number increased by 108% in 2015. The post also says that whenever a news event takes place in the world, searches on the Pornhub site are affected. And people have been searching Minecraft very often now.

In May 2015, there came a news that said that a fake version of Minecraft was uploaded on the web with malware. This news resulted in a 291% increase in Pornhub searches for Minecraft. Similarly, when a HoloLens version of Minecraft was discussed in June 2015, the search rate for Minecraft went up by 154%.

Apart from Minecraft, users at Pornhub also search for content related to other popular games like Pokemon, Clash of Clans, Halo, etc. Statistics from the website say that people aged between 18 to 24 make up for the majority of Pornhub users, while under 25 year-olds make up at whopping 91% of all the people who search for Minecraft porn. 18-24 year olds are said to search for Minecraft porn more than the others.

The website says in the latest blog post:

The average person visiting Pornhub views around 8 pages before finding the right video to get the job done. It’s a process of refining results to find that video that fits their current mood.

Meanwhile, “Minecraft porn” might sound weird to people who don’t know much about it. The rule is – there is a porn for everything that exists, and the same goes for Minecraft too.


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