Daniel Pajuelo Vazquez, a Spanish Priest used the popular Windows game ‘Minecraft’ to teach the 12-year-old students about the Spanish religion. Daniel Pajuelo teaches at a school in Madrid and the priest is heavily famous for his innovative teaching ways.


The priest created a tool called ‘Zona Educativa Minecraft’ which can be translated as ‘Minecraft Education Zone’. He created this project to teach secondary students on how to construct the Catholic parish and that classes are limited to 12-year-old students. In this process, the priest apparently takes all the students to the nearby church to take down the required notes which help in creating a virtual version of the game.

Speaking about his intrusive teaching skills, Vazquez said in an interview with Dailyedventures that “I thought it was cool and significant to connect tech and religion”. When he was playing the Minecraft with his six-year-old nephew, he was blessed with this idea, which is now creating a revolution. The following video explains the complete procedure of Zona Educativa Minecraft:


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