“Poldark” Season 3 latest trailer reveals something that was not expected by many fans. Viewers simply loved when the lead star Aidan Turner stripped down for a scene in the previous season. Even the actor was surprised with the mild hysteria it caused.

Despite the fact that viewers will not be seeing Aidan Turner stripping to his breeches in “Poldark” Season 3, the series will surely make up for it by displaying some men going shirtless in the hot and long Cornish summer, reports Digital Spy.

‘Poldark’ Season 3 New Trailer Update

Just one day after BBC One announced the premiere date for the third installment of the series, the channel came out with a full trailer for the upcoming season. The trailer starts with Ross (Aidan Turner) and Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) deciding finally to face whatever comes their way and be at each other’s side.

Poldark Season 3

Incidentally, the “Poldark” Season 3 will also introduce new characters including Valentine, the son of George Warleggan (Jack Farthing). Also, another surprising entry will be that of the boyfriend of Demelza, Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse).

Incidentally, the trailer hints at a curse being placed on a person, but it is not clear who is going to be affected by it. Also, the upcoming season will mark the entry of Demelza’s brothers Drake and Sam who will provide the much-needed glamor with their shirtless appearance in “Poldark” Season 3.

The rivalry between George and Ross will go to a new level as they are shown exchanging angry glares in the trailer.

What Is The Equation Between Ross and Demelza?

During an interview, Aidan Turner hinted that Ross will be listening more to Demelza, reports The Sun. According to Turner, Demelza is right most of the time, far more than Ross realizes. In the “Poldark” Season 3 he will come to realize it.

Interestingly, even though Demelza have forgiven Ross for his affair with Elizabeth fans are not ready to do so. Is he the father of Elizabeth’s baby? All the details will be revealed in the nine episodes of the “Poldark” Season 3 when it airs on Sunday, June 11 at 9 pm.

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