Nintendo has revealed new single player details for Pokémon’s take on fighting games, Pokkén Tournament. The game will be coming out next March, continuing the rather excellent march of the 20th year anniversary of the Pokémon franchise.


According to OnlySP, Pokkén Tournament will feature a single-player mode in which players battle other trainers in order to increase their rank and become number one in the local Pokémon league. As their rank rises, players will be able to unlock support Pokémon. Upon winning battles, players will earn Poké Gold, which can be used to buy items, or to customise the trainer with new hair styles, outfits and accessories. Additionally, a ‘Practice Mode’ will be available for players to hone their skills without worrying about time limits or HP.

Pokkén Tournament will be compatible with all Amiibo figures, and will be set in the brand new region of Ferrum. You also apparently get to meet and play as Shadow Mewtwo in this game, which is both creepy and cool.

Apart from Pokkén Tournament, there’s a lot of Pokémon-related stuff to look forward to on this special year:

Pokkén Tournament is currently out on arcades in Japan, but you’ll get a chance to play it at home on the Wii U when it launched on 18 March. That’s in less than a month!


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