YouTuber TyranitarTube has put forward an interesting theory regarding the upcoming generation of fresh new Pokémon games, The Bitbag reports. He believes that Burst evolutions could be introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. But what exactly are burst evolutions?


Burst evolutions are found in a manga based on the Pokémon franchise, titled “Pocket Monsters Burst” (Pokémon is short for Pocket Monsters, in case you didn’t learn this in school). Burst evolutions essentially allow a trainer to fuse himself with the Pokémon he’s closest to. It’s kind of really difficult, and many trainers who attempt burst evolutions end up dying (Pocket Monsters Burst is a mature-oriented manga). To make burst evolutions easier, “Burst Hearts” were created.

One hint that the games might introduce burst evolutions comes from the Japanese logos for the games. They feature a diamond that looks an awful lot like how Burst Hearts are depicted in the manga. This falls in line with Pokémon X and Y’s Japanese logos featuring the symbol of Mega-Evolutions. Could this mean that burst evolutions are on their way to be added to Sun and Moon? It would certainly be interesting and absolutely possible, seeing as even the anime has featured burst evolutions.


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