Pokémon fans are all set to enjoy the adventures of Ash in Anime form. The hugely successful franchise is getting a new tie-in anime for its upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon game. The TV series is scheduled to air in Japan in November this year. The anime will be broadcast on TV Tokyo and its affiliated stations.

The series will feature Ash as well a new Pokémon and other characters. Satoshi will be going to school in Alola and will encounter Kapu Kokeko, a god protecting Alola region. The series also has two new Ultra Beasts called Expansion and Beauty. Ash will also be given a Z-Ring in the show.

Pokemon Sun And Moon

The show will also feature a peek into Rockruff’s evolution into Lugarugan. Rockruff will have different appearance based on the time of its evolution. So, if it evolves during the day, it will have a different appearance from the one it possesses after evolving during the night.

The launch of the anime series coincides with the release of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games. The games will debut on November 18 in Japan and North America. The release date for Europe has been set as November 23.

The games will be available in various languages including English, French, and Japanese. However, this time, Pokémon will be available in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Players get the option to choose their language at the start of the game.

The anime series is not the only thing going for Pokémon games. It is also being turned into a manga. The manga version is being developed by Tenya Yabuno of Inazuma Eleven and Digimon V-Tamer fame. The manga will be published in the October edition of Coro Coro Comics. It is not clear yet whether the anime will be aired outside of the Japan.


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