Rumour has it that we might already know the names of the legendary Pokémon for the upcoming new Pokémon games, Sun and Moon. According to trademarks filed in Japan, the names of the new Pokémon might be “Solgaleo” and “Lunaala”, which definitely sound like names tying into the whole sun and moon theme.


Solgaleo has the root ‘sol-‘, which in Latin means ‘sun’, as well as ‘leo’, implying that the Pokémon might be based off of a lion. The other Pokémon name is more cryptic, but still gives us a good hint. ‘Lunaala’ has the root ‘luna-‘, which means ‘moon’ in Latin. It’s interesting to note that Lunaala is pronounced as ‘luna-aara’ in Japanese, that is, with four syllables and not three.

Nintendo has not yet confirmed whether these Pokémon names are real and indeed, doubt has been cast upon these findings. Unofficial Pokémon fan website Serebii has reported that the trademarks were not registered by Nintendo, Game Freak or Creatures Inc. They were listed under the name Yusuke Inui, a Japanese IP lawyer. It is unclear whether he has registered them on behalf of Nintendo as a proxy. So for now, we’ll have to take these names with a grain of salt.

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