Here we explain how to level fast in each island. If you’re starting the game fresh and you want Pokemon to hit over level 70, visit the Battle Buffet in Hau’oli City in Melemele Island. Data miners searched through the game and didn’t find an encounter with marshadow. It is most likely going to be a mystery gift. in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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How to level up fast in Pokemon Sun and Moon

You need to finish the main story of Pokemon Sun and Moon, aka beat the Pokemon league. Have at least 50+ Pokemon caught and then the professor will be in the lab ready with the lucky egg. You have to talk to him in the back of his lab when you have caught or seen 50 Pokemon before you leave the melemele island. And if you leave the island you can only get back to him after you defeat the elite four and become champion. Then you can go to his lab and he will give the egg to you after you have caught or seen 50 Pokemon.

However, keep in mind that Battle Buffet is a complete waste of time if you haven’t beaten the elite 4 yet. They’re all going to be level 13 Pokemon and you’ll get almost no EXP. Also, don’t forget to get mega stones. The mega stones are at the Battle tree to the left of the main building. There are people where you can cash in your BP. The one furthest to the right is the cashier with the mega stones.

Leveling up is annoying in the metagame and renders hyper training pointless. It’s faster to breed the IVs since leveling against the Pokemon league with sub-LVL 70 Pokemon isn’t time efficient. If you play the main game, it isn’t insanely hard to level up (unless you don’t use EXP share). So, lucky egg isn’t needed if you are battling all the trainers or catching Pokemon along the way. Lucky egg is going to be really useful in endgame. But you can also get some from trading with somebody or with yourself on a different game profile.


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