With the release of the newest Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Moon, we have a brand new Shiny Method using the Call feature, which increases your chances of encountering a Shiny Pokemon. Here we will show you how to catch Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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How to catch Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon

The process is very simple and, once again with everything that involves farming, requires patience. You have to keep farming until you come across a Shiny in an encounter and then you must play your cards carefully. Go to the Pokemon Center and grab an Adrenaline orb which allows nearby Pokemon to call for SOS. Keep in mind, that this is unlocked only after you’ve reached the second island. Next, you will need a Pokemon that knows how to use False Swipe, this is to make sure that the opposing Pokemon (Shiny one) gets its health down to almost 1, thus making it easier for you to catch it.

Now comes the hard process. Find a patch of grass and move around in it until you come across the Shiny Pokemon that you want. Use Adrenaline Orb (it will remain valid till the end of the encounter) and use False Swipe to bring its health down so it can call for help. The new Pokemon that arrives has a 1 in 3 chance of being Shiny and even if it’s not Shiny, it will either have good IV or a really good hidden ability.

Let us know your thoughts about Pokemon Sun and Moon in the comments. Check out this Pokedex for a complete list of Shiny Pokemon you can acquire.


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