We will show you how to find Pichu quickly and then evolve him to Pikachu in Pokemon Sun and Moon. This will require a lot of patience because the random encounter chance for Pichu is very low.

Pokemon Sun And Moon

How to catch Pichu Pokemon Sun And Moon

Go to your house and take the dirt path to the left. Make sure you go all the way up to Route 1 and stop in the town where the Festival is. Just before going up the stairs to the Festival, just look to your left for the patch of grass. This is where you have a chance to encounter Pichu. Make sure you don’t kill it off and only harm it enough to be caught.

To evolve Pichu into Pikachu, just find a Soothe Bell because evolution depends upon happiness. It has to have max friendship and not affection. Just do the switch out technique. Basically, put your Pichu in front and, before you do anything, switch him out for another Pokémon. Don’t let him battle, just let him be involved. To find Soothe Bells, go down Route 3 and stick to your character’s left-hand side the whole way until you go out onto this cliff. There should be a man there and talk to him. He gives you a soothe bell.

Just in case people are still wondering, The lady that gives you Pikachu’s Z-move is the same lady that teaches you Volt tackle. For those of you who have LVL 20+ Pichus, try to just go crazy on your Tauros. Every time you travel a certain distance, the happiness needed to evolve Pichu goes up by a little. Let us know your thoughts on this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide. You can also use this method by vg247 to get Z-Moves.


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