Pokemon Sun and Moon got released a few days ago and thousands of players are playing it as we speak. The majority of them are currently trying their best to get their hands on some of the most powerful Pokemon in the game, and one of them is Salamence. The Pokemon is a strong one but is easy to get. In fact, players can catch it on the very first Island (Melemele Island) they visit in the game.

Here’s how to catch Salamence in Pokemon Sun and Moon. 

The first thing you have to do is complete the first trial of the first island, Totem Gumshoo. This will unlock SOS mechanic through which a Pokemon can call for help. Once this is unlocked, the Pokemon you’re trying to attack will call for help once his HP gets low. Afterwards, you will have to complete another trial, Mallows Trial, through which you can unlock the Adrenaline Orb. Adrenaline Orb is a pretty useful item as it makes the Pokemon call for help.

Pokemon Sun And Moon

For those who don’t know where to get the Adrenaline Orb, well you can simply purchase it from any Pokemon Center present in the game. After your done with completing the two trials, what you have to do now is teach your Pokemon the False Swipe. This is a pretty awesome move considering the fact that it drains the health of the Pokemon to 1HP, which is very useful in catching a Pokemon.

How To Catch Salamence In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Once you’re done with everything, it’s time to catch Salamence. To do that, head over to Route 3 located on the right side of the Melemele Island. Then use the bridge to get to the other side and keep following the path until you see a patch of grass right next to a small berry tree. All you have to do now is wait there patiently until a Bagon spawns.

Once it spawns, use the False Swipe on it until its HP reaches 1. Don’t use any other attack as it will kill him and you will then have to wait again for a Bagon to spawn. After its HP reaches 1, use the Adrenaline Orb on it and it will call for help. Another Pokemon, most probably a Bagon will appear. Kill the Bagon which appeared and leave the one with 1 HP. Once you do that, the Bagon will then call a Level 10 Salamence for help.

Pokemon Sun And Moon

This is the moment when you capture a Salamence. Kill the Bagon you used the Adrenaline Orb on and capture the Salamence. This method is time-consuming, but it is the easiest way through which you can get Salamence early in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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