This Pokemon Sun and Moon Breeding guide shows how to get perfect IV Pokemon and Hidden abilities through breeding. Breeding Pokemon in sun and moon is a bit different so check out this Pokemon breeding guide. In the all out quest to have one of the best Pokémon, many people have turned to breeding. There are many advantages to breeding that you can’t obtain with the normal catch-in-wild routine.

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Pokemon Sun And Moon breeding guide

A lot of people think that the ability to change a Pokémon’s I.V’s in Pokemon Sun and Moon (it may have been called super training) was useless because they don’t transfer to breeding. But it is incredibly useful in legendary Pokémon as they can not be bred. There will more than likely be an event where the starters are realized with hidden abilities. Also, every Pokémon has a hidden ability even if it isn’t available in the game. You could also see why there were power plants in X and Y along with the mythical Pokémon that were released in ORAS.

As far as breeding goes, it’s about the same as gen 6. The Pokemon in the nursery not leveling up is good considering egg moves would be replaced with other moves. Other than that, it’s not exactly the best, especially without the breeding loops or even a breeding line. Just ride tauros south from the nursery. If you get to the city before the egg hatches, ride back to the nursery and repeat until it does.

For anyone wanting to be super efficient with male parents of each egg group, the following 7 Pokemon cover all 13 breedable egg groups and are easily obtainable in Sun and Moon:

Slowpoke — Monster and Water 1
Spinda — Field and Human-Like
Archen — Flying and Water 3
Paras — Bug and Grass
Snorunt — Mineral and Fairy
Magikarp — Dragon and Water 2
Gastly — Amorphous

You use Dittos to breed up 6 IV male offspring of each of these Pokemon and you can pump out 5-6 IV Pokemon super quick. Quick note, Archen is available in Moon version. It’s not hard to get one though if you’re playing Sun. Many Moon players are happy to trade their version exclusive fossil Pokemon for Sun’s exclusive fossils.


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