Pokemon Sun and Moon launched they’re first Global Mission. You all need to catch 100 million Pokémon between November 29 and December 13, 2016. If you win, you get 1000 Festival Coins and, if not, only 100 Festival Coins.

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How to join the first global mission in Pokemon Sun And Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon Festival Plaza missions are pretty fun, but the Pokemon Global Missions are next level. We need the combined effort of millions of Pokemon sun and moon players to make this possible. If you’ve been playing Pokemon Sun and Moon since they launched on November 18th, there’s a good chance you’ve caught a few dozen Pokemon in the Alola region by now. Well, you’re going to have to do better than that if you want to help out during the game’s first global mission.

If you want to participate, head to the Festival Plaza by tapping on the icon in the menu of your Pokedex. Once you reach the Plaza, head into the castle directly behind you and interact with the PC to your right at the entrance. Select the “Game Sync” option, connect to the internet and create a Game Sync ID. Once your ID has been issued, talk to the woman standing at the desk next to the PC and select the “global mission” option from the menu. Register for the mission, go out and catch a Pokemon and you have officially helped reach the goal.

This global mission is possible but very unlikely to be reached. Quick math: Assuming everyone has a Pokemon bank, Sun/Moon has the max 31 boxes like gen 6 filled to max capacity, plus the 6 Pokemon in the party. If you divide 10 million by 3936, you need at least 25,407 people to do this and beat the record. Without anyone using the Pokemon bank, it would be 106,838 people. Assuming 2 million people bought the game so far in each region (NA, EU, and JPN/Asia) and everyone participates (which we doubt because not everyone has wifi nor does everyone feel like going to Festival Plaza). We would need to average 17 Pokemon caught per person.

If you ever want to check and see how many Pokemon you’ve caught during the mission, you can do so by talking to the woman at the Festival Plaza castle.


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