For all the Pokemon Sun and Moon Fans, a new challenge is about to drop as the Sixth Global Mission. However, the players were expecting the Global Mission at the end of this month.

According to a report from, The Sixth Global Mission for Pokemon Sun and Moon is expected to go live on 25th April. However, no end date for the mission has been revealed so far.

Furthermore, the details on what players will be needing to do for the upcoming Global mission have also not been fully released. But as the report from suggests, players will be tasked to harvest Poke Beans from the Poke Pelago.

In addition, the players are also reportedly going to have some more Festival Coins. These coins are now being handed to players after the official end of Fifth Global Mission.

As we know, the fifth Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission was all about hatching eggs. The players hatched eggs way more than the goals. The goals were to hatch 200,000 to 400,000 eggs but the blew past the target and collectively 14,503,078 eggs were hatched.

So, the players who were part of the fifth Global Mission will receive 2000 Festivals Coins. Similarly, all those who are Global Link members will receive 4000 Festival Coins.

All the Global Link members will also have a chance to claim an extra Love Ball. This is because of the total number of eggs hatched which was way more than the original target exceeding 400,000. For all the Global Link members who hatched three eggs at least, and contributed to the fifth Global Mission, will receive the reward of five pieces of Rare Candy.

More information about the new Pokemon Sun and Moon sixth Global Mission are expected to be revealed soon. We’ll keep you posted, so stay tuned.

Source: The Christian Post


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