There is no bike in Alola so we can’t do the bike simulator. This is probably the most ridiculous way yet to hatch eggs in Pokemon Sun And Moon but it works.

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How to hatch eggs really fast in Pokemon Sun And Moon

You will be able to hatch eggs just fine getting on the Tauros and charging into a corner of the little box. Before you start running, go to the top left corner and charge down towards it. Having to ride and ride and move around is much slower than using that corner, just do circles outside. You can also put eggs on your boxes if your party is full and you don’t want to change your party. Also, you can put eggs on Isle Avue in PokePelago and use pokebeans to make them hatch faster.

Catch a Ditto on Mount Hokulani on Ula Ula Island. You can breed almost any Pokemon with Ditto. This is a very nice method because of the egg lady. If you notice, the lady who gives you the eggs crosses her arms around her when an egg is generated. If not for that one fact, we’d say the better route is the observatory since it requires a lot less movement of the thumb and joystick.

If you have a Pokemon with the ability flame body or magma armor in your party while you are hatching the eggs, it would take around 2 minutes to hatch 1 egg. If your ditto not getting along with your Pokemon, it’s because both Pokémon have the same trainer ID number. Put your ditto on the GTS for another ditto and use that ditto. The new ditto will get along with your Pokémon. Let us know your thoughts about this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide.


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