Let’s be frank here: CoroCoro Magazine knows how to troll its readers. In their latest issue, they revealed close to nothing about Pokémon Sun and Moon, seeing as their top-secret ‘reporter’ had the flash on when he took photos of the game’s box art. While the magazine has promised more information in coming issues, we’re not sure whether to believe them at this point. What we can do, instead, is speculate on who the legendary Pokémon on the box art really are.


YouTuber Tyranitar Tube went out of his way to modify exposure levels on the CoroCoro magazine photograph, which, unsurprisingly does not reveal anything of consequence. Following this, he speculates on what the legendary Pokémon for Sun and Moon could be, and I have to admit, it does sound like some sensible speculation.

Much of Tyranitar Tube’s speculation is centred around Lugia and Ho-Oh, legendary Pokémon originally unveiled in Gold and Silver. It makes sense: Lugia is tied to the Moon, while Ho-Oh to the Sun. Of course, Game Freak won’t just bring back these Pokémon as legendaries, but it’s possible we might see their Primal Forms instead, as we have previously seen with Kyogre and Groudon.

Have a look at the speculation video below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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