Pokémon Sun and Moon is coming out all the way in Holiday season this year, but speculation has already begun on what to expect from the upcoming titles. Of course, apart from lists of what the games might have, there are lists of what the games should have. Here’s one, courtesy Maxwell Jeffery of GameRant.


A better rival: The rivals in Pokémon X and Y do not even have 6 Pokémon by the last time you encounter them. Some rivals. By comparison in Blue and Silver, the rivals’ teams would fill up and develop alongside your own. Let’s hope Pokémon Sun and Moon bring that back.

Bring back the classics: There will no doubt be a whole host of new Pokémon to catch this time around as well, but what would be really rad is if classic Pokémon could be in some way incorporated into the new games as well. More Mega Evolutions, perhaps?

Higher difficulty: Pokémon games are easy. Easy peasy. Sure, this is because they’re aimed at children, but would it really hurt to have a slightly higher difficulty for the 20-year veterans of the franchise?

More evolutions: Game Freak keeps adding new Pokémon, but we already have a ton of Pokémon without any evolutions to their name. It would sure be nice if they could get a leg up (or down) and become relevant in battle again.

Roller skates: Introduced in Pokémon X and Y, roller skates finally break the 4-direction movement pattern and let you move fluidly and swiftly in any direction you choose. These just have to be back.

Pokémon followers: One of the best parts of Pokémon Yellow over Red and Blue was how Pikachu would follow you around everywhere you went. It would be swell if this neat little feature could be back, although this one seems to be the most unlikely to return, seeing as it was only seen last in Heart Gold/Soul Silver.

What else do you think should Pokémon Sun and Moon have? Let us know in the comments below.


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