As we’ve previously reported, Pokémon Sun and Moon will see a new content blowout on June 2nd, and that date happens to be this Thursday. No specific times have been announced as of yet as to when we’ll the new content, however. Needless to say, fans are excited for a lot of possible reveals that might come very soon. Here’s what we think might be announced.

Pokémon Sun and Moon

First up, are the legendary names. We have a strong hunch as to what they might be called already, but it’s always nice to have some kind of official confirmation. Specifically, we think that the Sun legendary, seen on the left above, will be called Solgaleo (sun-lion, if you will), while the legendary on the right will be called Lunaala. Now that we’ve seen what they look like, it only makes sense that we’ll learn what they’re named next.

Next, we hope to see starter evolutions. While we don’t know what they’ll be called or what they’ll look like, we might already know what type the evolved versions of starters will be. Specifically, while Rowlet will likely retain Grass/Flying types, Litten might become Fire/Ground while Popplio might become Water/Fighting. Seeing as the data is already on the website, this one has a strong chance of being real.

Third, we might learn about new gameplay features. The Pokémon Company and Game Freak might want to quickly differentiate this game from the previous ones. As it stands, it looks graphically similar to the last game in the series, and is even from the same console generation. So what does exactly is special about this game? Maybe we’ll find out soon.

We’d also like to learn more about new Pokémon, naturally. There’s likely going to be well over a hundred new Pokémon between the starters and the legendaries, and it must be really difficult for The Pokémon Company to keep them under wraps for Pokémon Sun and Moon. If this information is at all substantial, we hope to see new Pokémon for sure.

Finally, more locations would be welcome. We’ve learned from the Amazon listing recently that there will be multiple islands in the game to explore. It would be terrific if we could see more of these islands and what attractions they might hold. Names of places and characters would also be great.

Let us know what you’re looking forward to in the comments below.


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