Pokémon Sun and Moon won’t be coming out for several months now, but speculation continues to mount on what the games will include, as well as what they won’t. We’ve rounded up speculation from WhatCulture writer Gareth Cartwright, in which he talks about the things Sun and Moon would do well to exclude.


First up is adding variety to mini-games, in which Cartwright argues that Super Training, a mini-game from X and Y. It seems fairly likely, in my opinion, that Game Freak would add more mini-games and work on the ones already in the game.

Cartwright argues for scrapping 3 v 3 battles, because they are two reliant on placement, and don’t really come close to matching the dynamic excitement of the battles seen in the anime series.

The third item on the list is increasing attack PP (power points), which would be a substitute for the long-held wish for more than 4 moves. Increasing the PP of the more powerful moves in the game would, Cartwright argues, “make adding them to your roster much less of a gamble.”

No more skates, use running shoes instead. Skates were a fun addition, Cartwright argues, until they become annoyances due to the 3DS’ small analog stick.

Allowing players to become gym leader or champion sounds like an idea I’m on-board for. It reminds me of how Red in Gold & Silver is the Champion, and you must defeat him. It would be fun to manage a Pokémon Gym and meet challengers, awarding badges to the ones who best you.

Nerf stronger attacks, because as Cartwright puts it, battles essentially become a contest of who can deploy the more powerful attack the quickest.

Up the difficulty is something I’ve seen on a lot of Pokémon wishlists, and it’s hard not to agree. Of course, the foil to that wish is that these games are aimed towards kids, and a harsher difficulty might not be what Game Freak intends.

Mid-battle evolutions, because who doesn’t want all the drama of a Pokémon evolving in the middle of a fight, just like in the anime? It would also make for interesting, and surprising boss battles, I think.

Peripheral compatibility sounds rather fun, and can even be enhanced now thanks to the advent of smartphones. Nintendo is already making strides in smartphone applications with Pokémon GO and Miitomo, so perhaps we’ll see the return of Poké Walker?

Finally, there’s bring Team Rocket back. With the newer teams becoming “less and less believable or engaging”, we need a return of Team Rocket’s simple and pure sense of evil. Who would’ve thought they’d be missed?


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