Pokemon Sun and Moon demo gives us a taste of what to expect next when the full game releases soon. It’s pretty exciting with quite a bit to do in the game. There’s a probably a lot of stuff that you missed because there’s a sizable chunk of land to explore in the demo. The demo has a lot of fun things inside and some secrets as well. So, let’s go discover these secrets together.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon has in-game events

Many people know it by now but we decided to mention it in case there are some who don’t know already. There’s countdown happening and certain events will take place during certain times of the day. There will be more and more missions as time goes on. This means the demo will have a longer life span than what was expected.

Paralysis has been nerfed

The Paralysis effect has been substantially nerfed. The status effect now slows down your Pokemon speed by only 25%. This is a significant drop from the previous 75%.

Your character is 11 years old

Surprisingly we’re very young and yet we are able to face the dangers of the wild on Alola island. A dialogue option exposed this: “When you turn 11 in Alola, you can participate in our local rite of passage – the island challenge!”

A lot of attacks and effects have been nerfed only for the demo

Speculation says that a lot of players of the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo are newcomers. So, a lot of stuff has been nerfed to allow players to ease into the game. However, they will be brought back up to their original stats when the full game releases.

Alolan Dugtrio location

There’s a low chance to run across it. However, if you talk to the girl by the beach she will tell you about an island and ask you to go there. Follow the path outlined on your Poke FInder. After you get to your destination, you will find the Alolan Dugtrio. At the moment, very few people are able to come across it even after getting to the island. It has something to do with time of day that no one has been able to figure out yet.

Let us know your thoughts about the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo so far.


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