Pokemon Sun and Moon are two upcoming role-playing games set in the Pokemon universe. They are being developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. Despite the popularity of Pokemon GO, we still think Pokemon Sun and Moon will still hit a chord with fans and newcomers alike. However, like us, you must be wondering what’s the deal with those Z-Rings you see listed on Amazon. Well, not to worry, we here at MobiPicker plan to do all the unpacking for you so you don’t have to look else where.

pokemon sun and moon
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What are the Pokemon Sun and Moon Z-Rings?

So to get the true Pokemon experience a Japanese company called TOMY has decided to make these child bracelets (no don’t worry you won’t make a fool of yourself if you still decide to wear it) that have all these crystals on it. These crystals are synchronized with the Pokemon game and will vibrate whenever you get attacked or attack any other Pokemon in the game.

But why do you need to wear a little kids bracelet?

Well, as the Amazon description say, it will make your game experience more immersive. Like a true “4D” experience, meaning now you get to feel the thrill of fighting Pokemon. At the moment, it is still unclear how many crystals will come with the bracelet. It could be six or three. The bracelet is available for pre-order on Amazon. Get them now or else they could run out of stock in a matter of minutes like the mini NES did. You can also buy additional crystals for different Pokemon type.

Nintendo France hints at Starter Evolution

Nintendo France’s tweet roughly translates to asking their fans what kind of appearance they expect from the starter Pokemon Litten, Popplio, and Rowle.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will release on November 18th this year. It will be exclusive to the 3DS. Do you own a 3DS? Will you be playing the new Pokemon game? Do you intend to buy the new Z-crystals for the additional immersive experience as advertised? Let us know in the comments.


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