Latest Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer revealed a lot of things. We’ve decided to discuss the new features point by point to give you our analysis of the game so far. The new trailer literally blew our mind. It’s amazing how Nintendo was able to squeeze so much in a 2 and a half minute trailer. The main focus of this the Aether foundation. We’ll give you a brief run-down of all the new things introduced in the new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer.

pokemon sun and moon trailer
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Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer introduces the new Aether Foundation

Lusamine is Aether’s President and her foundation owns the island. She appears to be very affectionate towards Pokemon and wishes to take care of all of them, including those not from the Alola region. Faba is Aether’s branch chief. Alola island is man-made using advanced technology. Assistant Branch Chief Wicke aids Faba. She keeps Pokemon targeted by Team Skull under her care.

New Pokemon!

When you saw the first Pokemon with “Type: Null” you might’ve been confused and thought the new game introduced a new type. However, that “Type: Null” is the name of the Pokemon. This is the first time we’re seeing a Pokemon like this. It has the strangest body typing with a massive gladiator helmet. It has fins like a fish, legs like those of a dragon and has a sword head. This Pokemon looks devastatingly dangerous.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are set 12 hours apart

This is an exciting new revelation. Certain events in the game will play out differently depending on the time day. We also know that Pokemon evolve different based on night and day.

Meet your rivals Team Skull

Team Skulls will be the antagonists of the game. They appear to be not much different than Team Rocket. They’re ambitious and conniving and mischievous. Team Skull’s enforcer is Gladion who “won’t take no for an answer”.

Search the Alola region for Zygarde’s Cells

Zygarde cubes appear to be hexagonal in shape and can be obtained by talking to certain NPCs on the island. These cubes can be used to find Zygarde Cores and Cells spread all over the island.

Take Photos Using your Pokedex

New Pokemon Snap was a game based entirely on that. So, it’s definitely a treat to see this game mechanic return in a Pokemon RPG. Many were disappointed by Pokemon Snap because it wasn’t so creative and most of the tasks were mundane and became repetitive quickly. This time taking pictures of Pokemon won’t be boring because the player won’t be moving along the rails as in Pokemon Snap and could take photos at his leisure.

pokemon sun and moon trailer
via youtube

Did you watch the new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer? Let us know what you think of the new trailer in the comments.


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