Nintendo has been quiet since the announcement of the next pair of Pokémon games, Pokémon Sun and Moon, but information continues to leak out of the leaky ship that is Nintendo. Recent trademark leaks revealed by the Japanese Trademark Bot may have given away the names of more than 3 new Pokémon.


According to the twitter bot, the words “Mokuroh“, “Ashimari” and “Nyabby” have been trademarked in Japan, as spotted by users of the messageboard 2ch. These are believed to be the names of the starter Pokémon due to their names: Mokuroh has ‘moku’ in it, which means ‘tree’ or ‘wood’ in Japanese, making it the Grass starter. ‘Ashimari’ is believed to be related to ‘ashika’, which means sea lion, while ‘mari’ is short for ‘marine’, making it the Water starter. Finally, Nyabby is believed to be a cat (rhymes with ‘tabby’) and also, ‘nya’ is Japanese for ‘meow’. With the other two slots taken, Nyabby would invariably be a cat Fire Pokémon.

There’s also a trademark for “Marshadow“, also believed to be a Pokémon, although speculation on this name is harder than the others. Based on the ‘shadow’ in the name, it could in all likelihood be a Dark type Pokémon. Considering it has been trademarked, it might even be important enough to be a legendary Pokémon. There is currently no confirmation of any of these names being legitimate, however, it’s certainly looking that way, if 2ch is to be believed. We might yet see these names appear in Pokémon Sun and Moon.


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