Pokémon Sun and Moon may take us to uncharted shores – specifically very tropical uncharted shores, according to the concept art seen below. Notice the palm trees?


As pointed out by the folks at Twinfinite, that looks like a palm tree to the left of the building in the concept art above, specifically a coconut palm. Coconuts are found in tropical regions, so add two and two together, and you get a Pokémon game set set in the tropics! There’s certainly a lot of ‘sun’ to expect in the tropics, to add to things.

The source also points out that the bird-like Pokémon seen in the video might resemble a red-crested cardinal, a bird found in tropical regions such as Hawaii, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Puerto Rico. This falls in line with how Pidove was added to the Unova region from Black and White, which was based on North America, and rock pigeons are found all over New York City. With this precedent, it sounds like Game Freak might be keen on adding thematic Pokémon to the fresh new setting.

Where do you think Pokémon Sun and Moon will be set? Would you approve of a tropical setting? Let us know in the comments below!


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