Pokémon Sun and Moon were announced in last week’s Pokémon Direct, and now we have our first details on what this new couple of games will have on offer. Let’s round up everything we know.


Release Date

First, and foremost, Pokémon Sun and Moon will be released in the holiday season of 2016, which points to a launch that could be anywhere from late October to December. For comparison, Pokémon X and Y launched in October. The release seems to be global, which means that the games will release everywhere on the same date (or at least the same release window).

Generation 7

You’d expect, following the pattern, that Generation 6 games, Pokémon X and Y games would get a special edition in the form of Pokémon Z, or perhaps even sequels, similar to Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. However, no such luck.

If you notice the official announcement trailer for the games, you’ll notice that they show each of the generations of Pokémon, but leave out the third games and sequel games. This points to Sun and Moon being a brand new generation.

New Pokémon

If it’s a new generation, it’s got to have new Pokémon. And this time around, it looks like we’ve gotten ourselves a peek at a bird Pokémon. While we don’t know much about it, it does resemble the red-crested cardinal, a bird found in Central and South America.

pokemon-sun-moon-bird-1.jpg pokemon-sun-moon-bird-poke2.jpg

Transfer RBY Pokémon via Bank

If you play Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow on the 3DS (and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t), you can transfer the Pokémon that you’ve caught over to the Pokémon Bank, and from there to Pokémon Sun and Moon!

Additional Languages

Pokémon goes a bit extra global with Generation 7, as the game will support 9 languages: Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Take a look at the official trailer below!


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