Pokemon Sun and Moon is Nintendo’s next venture into the Pokemon franchise. The ground-breaking Pokemon GO from Niantic has dominated mobile gaming since it released and Nintendo isn’t stopping there. Furthermore, their new Pokemon Sun and Moon will feature the continental archipelago of Alola with new region specific Pokemon. Nintendo revealed three starter Pokemon before, (Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio) and some generation one Pokemon as well. In addition, the recent Nintendo direct live stream revealed other interesting details about the upcoming role-playing game as well. Consequently, Pokemon Sun and Moon pre-order bonus was revealed as well.

pokemon sun and moon pre-order bonus
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Pokemon Sun and Moon Pre-Order Bonus will give Munchlax with special Z-Move

Pokemon Sun and Moon pre-order before January 11 will give players Munchlax with a special item called Snorleum-Z, a Z-Crystal exclusive to Snorlax. As a result of evolving to Snorlax, the Pokemon can use Pulverizing Pancake which can be a devastating attack.

New Gen 1 Pokemon introduced

Nintendo introduced a new Gen 1 Pokemon to their upcoming RPG. The Alola Islands will have dark type Ratatta. Plot details reveal that Alolans introduced Yungoos to take care of the rising Ratatta population. To adapt to the threat, Rattata became nocturnal and changed into Alola Rattatas.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Z-Crystals

Z-rings are bracelets with Z-crystals. They respond to different Z-type attacks in the game and add a fourth dimension to the gameplay experience. So, for example, you use or are inflicted by a electrium Z attack, the corresponding Z crystal will vibrate on your Z-Ring bracelet. It’s an interesting addition to the ever-popular franchise.

Did you watch the Nintendo live stream? What do you think of the pre-order bonuses? Let us know in the comments. We’ll let you know of more Pokemon Sun and Moon details as we come across them, stay tuned to MobiPicker for your daily Nintendo fix and other news.


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