New Pokemon Sun and Moon news just never ends. Official new Pokemon Sun And Moon information leaks from the demo datamine have been revealed. Is the Aether Foundation really Evil or is it just a coincidence? We also get more confirmation about Alolan Pokemon Sun And Moon.

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Pokemon Sun And Moon new secrets revealed

If you transfer a Pokemon from ORAS into Sun & Moon, it will not evolve into it’s Alolan form. Because it wasn’t bred in Alola. This was confirmed by Gamefreak that the only way to get non-Alolan Pokemon was through transferring them from previous games. A Pikachu from Kanto will NOT evolve into Alolan Raichu, but a Pikachu caught in Alola will. You might be able to battle tourists with them though.

To answer the question of “How will a Kanto Pokemon evolve into its’ alolan form if the base form isn’t alolan”, it has already been said that to get the Kanto version of a Pokemon it must have been transferred from outside of Alola. So in the case of Exeggcute evolving with the Leaf Stone, it will evolve into regular Exeggutor if it was transferred into Alola from a different game. Meanwhile the Exeggcute you find in the Alola region will evolve into Alolan Exeggutor with a Leaf Stone. we’d assume it’s entirely dependent on whether or not you found the Exeggcute in the Alola region.

Also, we don’t think Charjabug evolves at level 40. The reason being that we’ve seen a Vikavolt in the trailers that was around level 20-25. We believe this means Charjabug will evolve with a Thunderstone or under other conditions, since these two trailers directly contradict one another. Furthermore, new leaks suggest the Aether Foundation will turn out to be the evil team in the end.

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