In our Pokemon Sun and Moon Legendary Pokemon Guide, we will show you how to find Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos in Pokemon Red and Blue. When you find them, you will be able to transfer them to Pokemon Sun and Moon. The easiest one is Moltres. So, we will be showing you how to get that first.

pokemon sun and moon legendary pokemon guide
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Pokemon Sun and Moon Legendary Pokemon Guide – Moltres

Once you beat the Elite-4 and end the game, just go to the Indigo Plazo. Head down South. Go through Victory Road in reverse. To catch Moltres, all you need is a Pokemon with good strength. Push around two boulders and you’re good to go. Use the Pokemon with good strength to push both boulders out of your way. You’ll notice those little bouncing rocks on the screen, those are the boulders.

After pushing the second boulder, go to right. Also, remember to bring max repel. This will save time by preventing unnecessary encounters. Also bring Escape Rope so you skip the maze. Head down the ladder. Past the trainer and there will be Moltres. Save your game. You can use the Master Ball. If you want to fight it, make sure you have a Pokemon with Sleep or Paralysis attacks.


Head to Cerulean City. Go east. Use cut on the bush that gets in your way. Make sure you have strength, surf and cut. They are useful not only for Zapdos but Articuno as well. Use surf on the water and make your way to the rock tunnel. Once you get to the Pokemon center around rock tunnel, go down the river a bit more. Get on the shore to your immediate left and walk the rest of the way. There will be a girl there who knows how to get to the power station. Once there, just follow the path as outlined below.

pokemon sun and moon legendary pokemon guide
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Fly to Fushia City. Head down and then left. Use Lapras on the water and follow the water to get to Articuno. Once you arrive at the boulder puzzle, use the Pokemon with high strength to move boulders around. It’s pretty straightforward from that point on wards. Once again, just throw a Masterball at Articuno to catch it.

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