It wasn’t too long ago that we were wondering who the legendary Pokémon on the covers of Pokémon Sun and Moon might be, and now it turns out that we might at least know their names. Thanks to the eagle-eyed members of NeoGAF, we now know that Game Freak has trademarked two names that sound awfully lot like Pokémon.


The names correspond to the Sun and Moon theme, and they are “Solgaleo” and “Lunaala” respectively, or, as rendered in Japanese, “Sorugareo” (ソルガレオ) and “Luna’aara” (ルナアーラ). Judging by the names, it seems they will be the same for both English and Japanese versions of the game (and possibly International versions as well), except the English one will inevitably be pronounced as “Lun-aalaa” while the Japanese katakana says “Luna-aara”.

We don’t yet know what these Pokémon will look like (no thanks to CoroCoro magazine), but they will undoubtedly follow a sun and moon theme. “Solgaleo” is no doubt inspired by ‘sol’, the Latin root meaning ‘sun’, while “Lunaala” hints to “Luna”, the Latin root for ‘moon’. Based on the ‘-leo’ at the end of Solgaleo, we might just be in for a lion-themed Pokémon, even.

What do you think of these names? Let us know in the comments below.


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