The game’s not out until next week, but of course, it’s leaked onto the internet early, which means data mining and spoilers galore. With just over one week to go for its release on November 18, Pokemon Sun and Moon has its biggest leak recently resulting in the game already being pirated and data mined before launch.

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Pokemon Sun And Moon is out now

Basically, this is the final evolution of leaks because there are going to be no more leaks as the game is out now. The full retail version of the game has hit 4chan. which, as it turns out, is super effective for stuff like this. People are now pirating the game, so the only way to escape it is by unplugging from the internet for the next few days.

Recently, the game was streamed on Twitch. Varying screenshots and plot synopsis started appearing on Twitter and Reddit. A data miner took the whole game apart and revealed stats and movesets for all of the starters. We’ll give you a general overview of what’s being circulated out there.

The most interesting and accessible piece of information from the leaks concerns the movesets and stats of the final evolution of the starter Pokemon. There are more than 800 Pokemon available in the game. Marshadow’s base stats are as follows: HP – 90, attack – 125, defense – 80, sp. attack – 90, sp. defense 90, speed – 125. Based on this, Marshadow will develop into a very damaging Pokemon. Z-Move is called Soul-Stealing Seven Star Strike.

The thing the company should actually do at this point, instead of going against contracts and release schedules that cost money and time to arrange, is approach the hackers with legal recourse and deter future infringers from continuing this practice. We don’t think a company should have its plans undermined and infringed upon just because many people feel entitled to their products.


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