You know what’s really exciting at the moment? Pokemon Sun and Moon releasing after just two weeks. But do you know what’s even more exciting? Getting remakes of previous generations of Pokemon games. Game Freak has made it public their wish to make more Pokemon remakes in an interview and we see no reason to complain.

pokemon sun and moon
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Expect some previous generation remakes after Pokemon Sun and Moon

We’re not against remakes at all. In fact, we love remakes, but let’s be honest the whole point of remakes is to give Pokémon more time on the next gen and to make old generations relevant again. Which we’re 100% okay with. We just hope they do 4th Gen first because we already got 1-3. Then they can go back and do whatever they want.

Actually, the trend of Pokemon game releases suggests a remake might arrive in 2020. However, the trend of every 5 years does suggest 2019 but we noticed a remake has always come out around 1-2 years after the new gen game. For instance, Fire Red + Leaf Green were 2 years after Ruby + Sapphire. Heart Gold and Soul Silver arrived 1 year after Diamond and Pearl and Oras arrived 1 year after X & Y. This could mean the Remakes could be released as early as 2017. It could also mean it could be as late as 2020.

Overall this just says between 2017-2020 but we personally think it will be 2018. Because it stays within 2 years so that people don’t lose interest and it makes sure the increasing number of years pattern is broken so that in future people don’t think games will have their remakes 16 years apart. It also doesn’t stretch the 5-year rule by too much and it’s earlier. We can only hope for these remakes after Pokemon Sun and Moon at this point. For now, the hype is for Sun and Moon, so all aboard that train.


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