If you thought the recent Alolan Grimer reveal was the only revelation from Pokemon Sun and Moon gameplay then you’re dead wrong. We have some more news to get the hype train going even faster. Recently, there were major gameplay events in London and San Fransisco and many gameplay images have now leaked onto Serbii.

pokemon sun and moon gameplay
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Pokemon Sun and Moon Gameplay Images – The leaks keep on coming

“In the past couple of weeks, there have been numerous preview events in London and San Francisco where the media were able to play Pokémon Sun & Moon for a short time in order to create a preview. Along with these previews, several new screenshots have been released and so I have added these screenshots to our pre-release screenshot page.”

Additionally, one preview mentions that the move Tackle has had its Base Power reduced from 50 down to 40. That’s a little bit of a head scratch but never mind. Enjoy all the Pokemon Sun and Moon Gameplay Images as you wait for the game to hit consoles soon. There were some other reveals as well.

“Some further details have been released for the upcoming European International Championships for VGC. This is one of four large events through the year, replacing the National Championships. It will be held in the ExCel in London on December 9th through December 11th and runs Sun & Moon rules. First, Masters will run the full three days while Juniors and Seniors only runs on Saturday & Sunday. Juniors & Seniors have an entry fee of £25 while Masters has one of £40

The event begins on Thursday December 8th with the Masters Player Checkin at 6pm, followed by the Player Meeting at 9am on Friday December 8th. Battles begin at 9am each day with Sunday being the Top 8 for both VGC and TCG”

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