That’s the exact pattern that Game Freak is weaving. In Gen 3, they remade Gen 1. In Gen 4, they remade Gen 2. In Gen 5, it became unnecessary to do a remake (we’ll get to that in a moment), but in Gen 6 they remade Gen 3. The next logical step is to remake gen 4. So, what are the chances of getting a Gen 4 remake after the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon?

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Diamond and Pearl remake after Pokemon Sun and Moon?

All that said, the original intention behind the remakes was to make those generations more relevant. For example, Gen 1&2 were separated from the rest of the series by not being able to transfer to the new games. So, it was most obvious to remake them first. Once on GBA, Gen 1 Pokemon could go on with the rest of the series. Gen 2 was still stuck, though, so it was also given a remake on DS during Gen 4. As for why Gen 3 skipped to Gen 6 for its remake. Well, it was unnecessary. The dominant handheld was still the DSlite, which had the GBA compatibility to play Gen 3.

The problem we’re seeing now is that GBA is no longer relevant, what with DSi and 3DS not have any GBA compatibility. So Game Freak released The OG Gen 1 games on Virtual Console, and they’ve also now confirmed that those games can transfer to Sun and Moon. And since Gen 3 was already remade for 3DS in ORAS, this means that, for the time being, there probably won’t be another remake. Not until Nintendo shifts gears with the Switch, and we see Gen 8 need (potentially) remakes for EVERYTHING. Hopefully, at that time, we can get our dream Pokemon game; a journey from Kanto through to Alola and beyond.

Anyways let us know your thoughts about a possible Diamond and Pearl remake after Pokemon Sun and Moon.


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