So, if you haven’t caught wind of it just yet, there’s news going around about a possible Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Release Date. Joe Merrick of put out a tweet saying “That’s odd. Nintendo Italy put out a press release about Milan Games Week and specifically said the demo for Sun & Moon won’t be there”. He then quickly followed it with another tweet “Time to put on my detective hat, something is amiss. It’s very odd that they’d specifically mention that it won’t be there”, followed by a Pikachu gif.

pokemon sun and moon demo release date
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Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Release Date – Could the demo be coming in October?

Our suspicions are the same as Joe Merrick’s. Why would Nintendo specifically mention something about the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo. Usually, you don’t mention if something’s not going to be available at an important event. It’s very cryptic but we might be onto something.

We looked up the Milan Games Week. It’s going to be from October 14 to 15. So, if Pokemon Sun and Moon Release Date is indeed confirmed (sort of) by Nintendo Italy, could this mean that the demo will be available to players before Milan Games Week? We can’t really tell much at this point.

We already know there’s a demo available for the game right now but not released yet. It was shown at E3 in June of this year. However, it could be that it was just a very early prototype and not even worthy of being released as a demo.

It could be that Nintendo had enough time to polish the game to release a demo by October. Nothing is confirmed at this moment but we’ll update you if we get more news regarding the Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Release Date. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more.


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