We are quite a lot days into the Pokemon Sun and Moon Data Mining fiasco. And the leaks keep on coming. There are still things being discovered. We know all the moves, many of the Pokemon and now we know how the four main islands look like. All the island maps of Alola Region have been revealed.

pokemon sun and moon data mining
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Pokemon Sun and Moon Data Mining reveals a whole lot more

If you look at the picture of the Alolan Islands on the official website, you’ll notice a piece of land hidden behind the clouds. A lot of players speculate that this can be the Pokepelago. Honestly, we think these leaks could be detrimental to the overall game experience. These are more full of spoilers than the Pokedex.

On Day 1, the entire Pokedex is going to be known. However, most players prefer exploring maps instead of knowing how it looks like beforehand. There’s also a sense of scale when you look at the leaked image. We know it takes a lot of time to venture through town in the game’s demo and the whole map really puts things into perspective.

This all looks really interesting. However, there’s a distinct lack of caves. Furthermore, one of the islands appears to have an annoying canyon wound throughout. Also, every island has one or two towns which is generally a good thing. Looking at the maps also gives you an idea of where different Pokemon types can be found.

Let us know your thoughts about the Pokemon Sun and Moon Data Mining leaks so far. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more news and updates. The game is also expected to release on the newly revealed Nintendo Switch. So, keep a lookout for that as well and let us know whether you’ll be buying that console when it releases.


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