The original Pokémon starters from Pokémon Red & Blue are making their way to Super Mario Maker, available via a special new Pokémon-themed course that has been added to the game. Complete the course, which is available completely free, and you get Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle costumes to use in your game. Take a look at the level below:

With the cute retro, pixelated sprites and original sound effects, the inclusion just screams authenticity to me.

While it’s a pleasant surprise to see some of our favourite Pokémon appearing in Super Mario Maker, it’s no surprise how Pokémon has been getting special treatment from Nintendo, seeing as this year marks the franchise’s 20th anniversary. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo is planning to add even more Pokémon costumes to the game. What this certainly does point to, however, is that Nintendo is keen on adding costumes from other intellectual properties into Super Mario Maker. A level where you can freely switch between Mario, Luigi, Link, Charmander and Samus? Sign me up for that.

What other Pokémon would you like to see added as costumes in Super Mario Maker?


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