You can have the authentic experience of playing the original Pokémon games as they came out 20 years ago on your 3DS (or 2DS), but we need to go even deeper. Could you handle playing the games at their original resolution and with green tint?


Although the original Pokémon games were in black and white, the Game Boy screen actually made the game more of a light green and dark green affair, thanks to the green tint on the screen. You can now recreate that experience, thanks to the wonders of the emulator inside the 3DS. Here’s how you do it, courtesy Twinfinite:

Out of the loop with things? Well yes, you can now play Pokémon Red, Blue and/or Yellow on your 3DS or 2DS. The games will be available via the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $10 each. They emulate the original Pokémon games, as they were released 20 years ago in 1996. What’s more, the games feature Pokémon Bank support, so any Pokémon you catch can be transferred to the great Pokémon-shaped cloud on the interwebs.

Still not convinced? Have a gander at the official trailer below.


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