Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow have appeared on the Nintendo eShop for the 3DS, and they’ve brought with them all the original glitches the game was infamous for. And what better way to relive your childhood memories than to glitch your way through Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow?

Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow Mew

Here’s how the Cerulean City Mew Glitch works:

  1. Defeat all the trainers on Nugget Bridge, before entering Cerulean City. Keep in mind not to fight anyone else. And make sure you beat your rival (Gary, or what have you).
  2. Go to the patch of grass to the West of the bridge and catch an Abra there. Do not fight the trainer there, under any circumstances.
  3. Defeat every trainer on Route 25 except for the Youngster with a Slowpoke (he’s the one to the north of a female trainer, and west of a Pokéball). Save your game, heal at a PokéCenter.
  4. Go to the same area to the West of Nugget Bridge. Now comes the crucial part:
  5. Press Down and Start just as you’re about to encounter the Youngster we avoided. Use Abra’s Teleport to return to the Cerulean City PokéCenter.
  6. Now return to the Youngster, and battle him. Make sure to walk up to him, or the game will crash. Once he’s defeated, teleport back to the PokéCenter.
  7. Walk over to Nugget Bridge, and the game will open the menu by itself (which is creepy, by the way). Press B or Start to close it, and you’ll suddenly encounter Mew!
  8. Catch Mew!
  9. ???
  10. Profit!!!

Make sure you save plenty, so if things don’t work out, you can always try again.

Did the glitch work for you? Let us know in the comments below!


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