Hear me out here. In the Pokémon universe, gym leaders are celebrities. So it makes sense that celebrities in our world would be Pokémon gym leaders, right? MoviePilot has put together a collection of images from Imgur user JayDeloria showcasing what celebrities would be like as Pokémon gym leaders in a hypothetical universe where Pokémon GO rules our lives.

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Nicki Minja: Poison


Minaj is the Poison leader presumably because of all the pink/purple at play here. Also, there’s an Arbok because my Anaconda don’t want none. Now I really want Anaconda to play whenever I encounter an Arbok in Pokémon GO.

Katy Perry: Water


There’s a bunch of waves in the background, so that makes Perry a water type, I guess? There’s also a Gyarados, so you can hear him roar.

Lana Del Ray: Grass


For a moment there, I thought Lana Del Ray was doing some Pokémon cosplay in that picture above, so this definitely looks legit. Then again, she could be going for a light Poison Ivy vibe.

Drake: Flying


Flying: the very essence of starting from the bottom and now being here. Yeah, I think Drake has got that covered.

Taylor Swift: Fairy


For some reason, I kind of actually imagine Swift being a gym leader. Don’t know if any of her Pokémon love Starbucks though.

Rihanna: Fire


Look at her! She practically looks like she’s carrying a bag full of Pokéballs to go train with.


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