Pokemon Go Water Festival is going to end soon. Players are expecting a new Shiny Pokemon Go update as there are only two shiny Pokemon unveiled until now. It’s still a speculation. But, it is possible that Niantic is planning a new shiny Pokemon update after the end of the popular Water Festival.

All the Pokemon Go and the Water Festival fans have a little under 24 hours to find the already available shiny Magikarp and Gyarados. After that, it’ll get a little bit hard to capture the shinies as they’ll become rarer than ever before.

According to the dates specified for the event, Pokemon Go Water Festival is about to end today on March 29, 2017, at 9 pm in the UK and 4 pm US time. So according to this, the fans have a very little time left to capture their favorite pocket monsters.

The Water Festival is a limited time Pokemon Go event that was started in the start of this month. It allows the players to capture some unique Pokemon such as Magikarps, Squirtles, and Totodiles. After the event ends today, most of these Pokemon will either be unavailable or they’ll become hard to capture. So, if you still want to capture anyone of them, you should hurry up.

As the Water Festival is all about exploring areas where you can find some rare Pokemon, you’ll also have a chance to capture the unique and original Magikarp. So during the time that is left for the Water Festival, you have high chances of capturing a Magikarp. After the event ends, Magikarp will also become hard to capture.

We know that currently there are no more than two Shiny Pokemon included in the game. So when the Pokemon Water Festival ends, there are chances that the next update will bring one or two new Shiny Pokemon to the game. This will eventually make it a little bit more exciting because capturing a Shiny is always a challenging task. As the Shiny Pokemon, you can currently have Magikarp and Gyarados.

Niantic has never confirmed that the Shiny Pokemon will also be vanished from the game or not after the end of Water Festival. Based on recent developments, it seems highly unlikely that any of the Shiny Pokemon will be gone without a warning. To be honest, it’s not the Niantic way, so fans will not possibly have to face anything like that.

As with the release of the new Shiny Pokemon, there is now an endless possibility for loads of new events updates and trading options. So the fans are hopeful that the new updates will bring more exciting stuff to the game. There could be new simple or Shiny Pokemon, an event like the Water Festival, and trading. However, trading has yet to be fully introduced in the game. According to Niantic’s previous statements, The trading in the game will only work locally and it’ll not work online.

As there is not so much disclosed about the trading at this point. Fans are expecting to hear more from Niantic in near future. With all the high hopes, fans are also waiting for the next Pokemon Go update to arrive. Hopefully, the new update will bring good news such as a new Pokemon Go event and one or two new Shiny Pokemon.

Source: DroidReport


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