Your inventory in Pokémon GO might seem limitless, but it isn’t. You can only hold 350 items at a time. Once you’re full, it might seem tempting to not have to visit PokéStops – after all, you can’t hold any more balls (sorry) or anything else for that matter. This doesn’t mean you should ignore them entirely. Read on to find out why you should head over to one any way.

Pokémon GO

The reason you should frequent PokéStops even after you’re full is to gain XP and level up in the game. You get absolutely free XP for visiting a PokéStop, so there’s no reason at all to miss that that little boost, just because your inventory is full. And a little boost it is, at merely 50 XP, but when you eventually level up, it will all be worth it.

If you’re lucky, you might even get a special 100 XP bonus, if the comments on this Reddit thread are to be believed. Of course, that’s still not a whole lot, especially in the late game, but every little bit helps.

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