Training Pokémon in a gym can get you a powerful creature, but defending a gym is a hard task. Since Pokémon GO became global phenomena, gyms are attacked every minute, and gathering coins by holding a gym is as hard as defending it. But, what if there’s a way to hold a gym for an indefinite time, without worrying when the next player will try to take over it?

Pokémon GO

Have you noticed that eggs don’t have Combat Points and that they can be placed inside gyms? Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Yes, you can pick up an egg over at PokeStop, and instead putting it in incubator and then walking a marathon before it hatches, you can put it in the gym, and since they can’t be attacked, because they don’t have any CP, the gym can be yours indefinitely (well, better to say until Niantic fix this glitch).

Because this is a game glitch and will surely be fixed sooner or later. So, in order to use it, be quick, be really quick. Holding a gym will bring you tonnes of coins and sooner you try this hack, more coins will clank in your smartphone. This can be really handy, especially since defending a gym gives you just 10 coins, as part of Defender Bonus.

Using this hack you can earn 1,250 coins, without spending real money. Of course you can buy coins for real money (you must spend $0.99, $4.99, $9.99, $19.99, $39.99, and $99.99 in order to get 100, 550, 1,200, 2,500, 5,200, 14,500 PokeCoins, respectively).

Oh, and be aware that after Niantic deals with this glitch the company could decide to ban players that used it. So, think well before you decide to use the glitch, since there’s no way of removing an egg after you place it in the gym, and if Niantic starts banning users, you’re gonna be slapped, hard.


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