Information continues to leak out of the Pokémon GO field tests that are currently ongoing in Japan. This time around, it seems we have some idea of where to find certain Pokémon, such as water and electric type Pokémon.

Pokémon GO

According to news from The Silph Road (a subreddit focused on Pokémon GO), some Pokémon have a lower spawn rate than others, while others have very high spawn rates. It also seems that some of the rarer Pokémon include Flareons and Porygons.

Biomes have also been implemented in the game to a degree, so that water Pokémon are only found near water, such as by the ocean or in rivers. According to one player, Goldeen was the only water Pokémon they encountered, and that was on top of a river. Meanwhile, downtown shopping districts were appropriately filled with Rattatas and other normal Pokémon as well as some bug and electric type Pokémon strewn about.

It would be curious to see where the other types of Pokémon will show up. Will we find flying-type Pokémon at higher locations? Perhaps fighting-type Pokémon will stick to gyms? I certainly hope fire-type Pokémon won’t be exclusive to volcanoes. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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