We will talk about the most recent Pokemon GO update. recently, Niantic started rolling out version 0.39.0 for Android and 1.9.0 for iOS. There aren’t many big changes but there are some worth mentioning here. We’ll go over in detail for some of them below.

pokemon go update
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Pokemon GO Update

There are a few things we want to cover because we think they’re very important. The first update is that Niantic has finally brought back catch locations to the Pokemon summary screen. So, when you’re looking at a Pokemon, scroll all the way down. There used to be a map there in the first two weeks of the game’s release. That’s gone. But they’ve at least brought back a location in text form.

Also, if you get a Pokemon from an egg, it tells you the location where you received the egg. It might seem like a pretty small thing but for us, it’s actually pretty exciting. Because it attaches a bit of a nostalgia to each Pokemon. So, if you went out of the city and caught a Pokemon at some exotic location, you will be reminded of your adventure whenever you scroll down on that Pokemon screen. A reminder of your adventures as a Pokemon GO player. It has the added benefit of weeding out spoofers

Pokemon GO update fixes IV bug

There’s also a server-side update. Niantic finally fixed the scaling IV Pokedex bug. If you’re not familiar, it was a bug where Pokemon Attack IVs were influenced directly by their number in the Pokedex. And that’s the reason a lot of the Starter Pokemon you caught in the wild had zero or very low Attack IV. Whereas, Pokemon like Eevee, that are near the end of the Pokedex, had 15 or very high IVs. You can look at the info graph at the top to get a better idea of the Pokemon GO Update.

Pokemon at nests now have normal IVs. Before, Pokemon at nests had below average IV. Apparently, this wasn’t on purpose and was a bug. So, now the Pokemon you catch at nests will have the same chance of having a good IV as those you catch outside nests.

Let us know what you think of the Pokemon GO Update.


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