We recently received a new Pokemon Go update that brought in the amazing new Raids to the game. And now finally another great feature has been introduced, that could literally transform the game forever. This will, in turn, make the game even better for all the hardcore Pokemon Go fans.

Like in other games, players mostly tackle challenges via the online forums and various event. Similarly, some of the players become part of the groups that are dedicated to eSports or different in-game activities and stuff.

In most of the big titles, clans are also common and something really similar if finally going to happen in the Pokemon Go as well. Pokemon Go has a humongous fan following and fan base and they all want to know everything about the game. It seems Niantic has finally heard all the fans and that’s why the next update might have brought in a bigger incentive for the fans to get together and enjoy the game even more.

No doubt, the Raids is an amazing new feature that lets the players get together at various in-game gyms and fight off the bosses together. What’s best is the Trainers are making the next great tool for the game themselves.

According to various latest reports, a developer’s team at Silph Road has built a new tool named as The Silph Road Radio. The Silph Road Radio or TSR Radio is a new live real-time tracker that allows all the local Raid Groups to coordinate instead of just locating the Pokemon.

According to the development team on Reddit;

“It’s the name of a Raid Beacon network that lets you know about local Raid groups getting together, and allows you to alert local folks in your area when you’re planning on taking on a Raid boss.

In technical terms, it’s a real-time, web-socket-enabled map of Raiding groups, with a dead-simple anonymous RSVP system. This system will be alert-driven – meaning you won’t have to sit and watch it in your web browser at all times (though you can)

You just do you, and Silph will let you know when a Raid is getting together near you. This system is still in a very active state of development, but we finally achieved a “stable enough” state that we wanted to get it in your hands to start taking advantage of.”

As mentioned above, this new feature is still in Beta phase so some bugs are expected. And Silph Road has also promised to make it better in the future. Another great thing about TSR Radio is that it isn’t at all connected or hosted on the Niantic’s servers. This means that it won’t get banned by the game developer at all. However, the only requirement to use this new feature is that you must have a Reddit Account to look for the local Raid Groups in your area.

Hopefully, this new feature will interconnect well with raids and will allow all the trainers have a good time enjoying the raids battles with bosses.


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