Niantic, the creator of Pokemon Go is reportedly planning the biggest content drop till date. It’ll make you forget all the extravagant bonuses of the newly released Pokemon Go Easter Event.

While the fans of Pokemon Go are busy in the Easter Event extravaganza bonuses and other stuff, Niantic is planning a new big content drop. On the launch of the latest Pokemon Go update, Niantic revealed that they are nearing the release of some biggest changes to the game.

What are the upcoming big changes? Niantic seems silent on that. However, some of the other reports have leaked the background info. According to the leaked reports, some of the new key features are about to make debut in a few weeks. These possible new changes could include another big expansion of the Teams system and further, revamp of the gyms mechanics.

The new changes and gym mechanic revamps will allow the players to monitor their Pokemon that remain away guarding the Gyms. It will further allow the player to have notifications on battles both won and lost.

Some other new features will include feeding the Pokemon with berries. However, it’s still unclear that if this will extend to the already present Pokemon or the new ones of a special type.

As part of the new revamps, some additional rewards will also be awarded for owning the Gyms, and a new Social system that will allow Niantic to set new global goals.

All this could potentially lead the developer to launch the Legendary Pokemon currently missing from the game. This could also result in extending it to new teams that will become part of the game in future.

Timed Raids will also possibly be getting something new as part of the next big Pokemon Go content drop. This new feature is also reportedly becoming part of the game. It will further allow the developers to naturally extend the daily reward system. This will let the players have something more than just hunting the Pokemon.

However, there is no info out on how the Raid System mechanics will function. There are chances that Niantic will release more info on it soon.

According to the game’s lead designer, David Holins, the Legendary Pokemon are currently still in works. He further spoke on PvP and the Trading system and told that these two are Niantic’s biggest goals.

If all these rumors come out true, the alleged new Raids System will fit in well with the PvP feature being currently worked on.

In addition, the Dataminers have also found some redeemable codes in the game’s files as well. These redeemable codes are reportedly ready for launch and they will, in near future.

Hopefully, this new Update and the biggest content drop will feature all the things mentioned above. It’ll not only give the players chance to enjoy the game more but it will also be reinventing the game to a great extent. Stay tuned for more details, we’ll keep you posted as more info is released.


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